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The Zimbabwe Commercial Farmers Union is a registered farmers' Union. It was started on the initiative of large scale indigenous commercial farmers who entered the business of commercial farming after independence.

The Union operated as an association from 1990 until it was registered as the Indigenous Commercial Farmer Union in 1996. The union has since changed its name to Zimbabwe Commercial Farmers Union (Z.C.F.U), and its mandate is now to serve commercial farmers irrespective of the size of the farm.
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Cotton farmers get raw deal from contractors!

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A reknown cotton grower in Gokwe, Mr Mafuta Kuimba who used to rely on proceeds from sale of his crop to buy inputs is this year not a happy cotton farmer after falling prey to a dubious contractor who engaged him to grow cotton and duped him upon selling his white gold at the start of August 2011.In fact the plight of Kuimba is part of that tale involving many cotton farmers who graced the most more

SEED your catalyst to Productive Farming!

News 2 Setting the standards in the vegetable seed industry in Southern Africa is extremely important to Charter Seeds and Starke Ayres. Of the twenty horticultural seed houses in the region, Starke Ayres has a dominant share.Quality in every aspect is of overriding importance to farmers. Starke Ayres and Charter Seeds look at every aspect of the crop.more